• Spontaneous fermentations

    To start the alcoholic fermentations we use only the yeasts naturally present in the berries.

  • Without filters

    We touch the wine as little as possible, we do not filter or clarify and to clean it we only do decanting.

  • Very few added sulfites

    We decide from time to time whether and how much sulfur dioxide to add, with the goal of bottling clean wines.


From old Muscat vines surrounding the winery at about 500 meters altitude on soils rich in marl and limestone.

Spontaneous fermentation without temperature control in steel vats and aging in steel.

"We let the terroir emerge, rather than the varietal" "

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A one shot project because it comes from an old Dolcetto vineyard at 450 meters above sea level that we had to uproot.

Spontaneous whole cluster fermentation (out of necessity because we didn't have a de-stemmer yet!) in steel vats and aging in the same containers for at least 10 months.

The gastronomic red par excellence: juicy, lively and free-range.

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From Favorita grapes grown according to organic farming principles in the vineyards surrounding the winery.

Spontaneous fermentation without temperature control in steel vats with 10-day maceration on the skins and 10-month aging in steel vats.

'Makedè' literally 'but what is this stuff here!': a tribute to Filippo's Roman origins.

Acquista ora


Born from a deeply Piedmontese blend of Barbera and Dolcetto in equal parts.

Two separate microvinifications in open tonneaux, then blending of the wines and aging in steel tanks.

3 reasons why this interlocking (incastro in italian): the interlocking stones of dry walls, the interlocking of Dolcetto and Barbera and finally us: here without a why!

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'Our task is to harmonize fermentations'

Go along with the wine in its transformation, not necessarily bring it to the goal we have in mind. Fermentation is by nature chaotic; we are just trying to make order in this chaos.