(Non) roots

It was a fortuitous chance to find each other.

Filippo is from Rome, with a winemaking background in the Tuscan hills, while Peter and Elaine are Americans, from New York: here they both found a home, surrounded by peace and slow living.

In 2021 they started Cascina Elena together.

(Our) Langa

The soils, rich in marl and limestone with less clay than in the Langa, are at high altitudes of over 500 meters above sea level.

Another differentiating feature? The dry stone walls. 'We've done everything to keep them intact!' through work to restore what has always been.

The vineyards are carved out of small patches of land and by necessity most of the work is done by hand.


We adhere to the rules of organic farming and work with respect for the environment, always striving to learn how farming should be done here and now. We work without presumption, trying not to alter the original landscape while appreciating and overcoming the difficulties.

The woods surrounding Cascina Elena's vineyards serve to protect and increase their biodiversity.